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The best cameras for travelling

How to choose the best camera for travelling

As a photographer, I often get asked for advise on which camera to buy. With many people, it’s specifically what’s the best camera for travelling? While there’s single answer for every person, this article outlines what to consider and provides a few recommendations for every

Airport Express train tickets into Hong Kong

How to take the Airport Express train into Hong Kong

Your first impression of any city (after the airport and immigration/customs) is the transit from the airport into the city. Some cities make it easier than others. This article explains how to take the Airport Express train into Hong Kong (and back to the airport).

The Star Ferry between Hong Kong and Kowloon

How to take the Star Ferry between Hong Kong and Kowloon

The Star Ferry is a ferry service between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, crossing the Victoria Harbour. It’s been in operation since 1888, and today it carries 26 million passengers per year. It’s very inexpensive, offers amazing views of the Hong Kong skyline, and is a convenient way to cross the harbour.

Imodium quick dissolve tablets to deal with traveler's diarrhea

How to deal with traveler’s diarrhea

You can’t read about travelling to Mexico without hearing about traveler’s diarrhea (TD). It’s worth doing some planning to deal with traveler’s diarrhea, so that it doesn’t get in the way of your activities.